Beautiful bird wall hooks made from wood

Add a little bit of nature to your home with these high quality wooden wall hooks of cute little birds.

Pick your favorite birds

Our selection consists of six bird wall hooks. You can pick and mix the ones you like.


The smallest of our wall hooks, but also the most popular.
Height 9,5 cm x width 8,5 cm x 6 mm thick

Hinghang Robin wallhook with berries


The odd one, hanging at the side of the peg 🙂
Height 11,5 cm x width 7,5 cm x 6 mm thick.

Hinghang Great Tit wallhook with berries


A nice little bird in grays and browns for your walls.
Height 9 cm x width 10,5 cm x 6 mm thick.

Hinghang Sparrow wallhook with berries


Hanging on to the peg like a real… Nuthatch.
Height 11,5 cm x width 12 cm x 6 mm thick.

Hinghang Nuthatch wallhook with berries


Black with just a tiny speck of yellow, that’s the Blackbird!
Height 12,5 cm x width 14 cm x 6 mm thick.

Hinghang Blackbird wall hook with berries


Another colorful bird, our little Finch hook.
Height 11 cm x width 11,5 cm x 6 mm thick.

Wooden Finch wallhook with berries

Top quality materials and finish

All wall hooks are designed in the Netherlands. Expert craftsmen in the Czech Republic make the hooks from locally sourced wood.
The birds are made from birch plywood and the pegs are milled from beech wood.
The wood is printed with bright inks which really make the colors come to life. A clear finish is added to help protect the print.

robin wooden wallhook detail hinghang

World wide shipping

All bird wall hooks are packed and shipped from the Netherlands. We ship them world wide, right to your home using tracked shipping.
All birds are packed as parcelletters; small flat boxes that usually fit through your letterbox.

Ready to hang

Our wall hooks come with a peg, screw and wall plug for stone and concrete walls. With the included instructions you can start hanging your bird wall hook right away!
If you’re hanging your wall hooks onto a different material please use a correct wall plug if needed.


Our 6 birds

Which ones are your favorites?

  • Blackbird wooden wall hook

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  • finch wooden wall hook by hinghang
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    Finch wooden wall hook

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  • Great Tit wooden wall hook

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  • nuthatch wooden wall hook hinghang
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    Nuthatch wooden wall hook

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  • Robin wooden wall hook

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  • Sparrow wooden wall hook

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